International accounting

Pension funds consulting

Consulting in occupational benefits and business management of pension funds

Consultancy services for pension funds und companies developing flexible, appropriate and forward-looking pension scheme solutions, for example those planning to introduce a choice of components, including a range of different investment strategies

  • Legal services in connection with adaptations of existing regulations
  • Specific ongoing training for foundation board members and other involved persons
  • Proposing restructuring measures to remedy shortfalls in coverage [sounds good, but doesn’t reflect German]
  • Support in the handling of complex measurements for IV/AI, MV/AM, UV/LAA
  • Legal services and support in court cases involving decrees of divorce
  • Pre and post services for companies during mergers & acquisitions
  • Preparing annual financial statements in accordance with FER/RPC 26.
  • Risk analysis based on Monte Carlo simulations to determine necessary risk contributions and fluctuation reserves
  • Dynamic projections with Monte Carlo simulations to determine the development of the funding ratio over a period of 5 to 40 years. Developing sensitivity analysis to assess the influence of individual parameters such as the technical interest rate, conversion rate, etc. on the funding ration.
  • Long-term development of pension payments to determine maturities of liabilities (modified duration), and determining the impact of changes in interest rates on the funding ratio
  • Asset and liability management (ALM) studies
  • Profit and loss analysis of risks of death and disability
  • Analysis of demographic developments among actives and pensioners


Fulfilling the role of expert as per article 52e BVG/LPP

  • Periodic review of the fulfillment of the institution’s actuarial liabilities (article 52e paragraph 1 lit a BVG/LPP), highlighting optimization opportunities taking account of any restrictions that are in place
  • Checking the compliance of pension fund regulations with legal requirements, particularly in terms of the circle of insured persons, defined benefits and funding requirements (article 52e paragraph 1 lit. b BVG/LPP)
  • Recommendations relating to the technical interest rate and demographic situation (article 52e paragraph 2 lit. a BVG/LPP)
  • Assessments of whether reinsurance is necessary and the amount of reinsurance required, as well as advice on the best way to reinsure if the pension scheme covers one or more risks itself (article 67 BVG/LPP, article 43 BVV2)
  • Proposing measures to resolve underfunding (article 52e paragraph 2 lit. b BVG/LPP) and preparing reports on the efficiency of the agreed measures in case of a shortfall ( article 41a BVV2)

Administration of pension funds

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